techno science meets spiritual awareness

about music, about colors and about perceptions within. synaesthesia admitted.

as computer scientist i embrace the idea that most of the modern music genres would not be possible without the electronic circuits used to make noise and sound.

as percussionist i like the emphasis and hypnotic effect of the drum, the soundscape of natural or ritualistic events, and the value of the loop.

as enthusiast i explore the several functions of sounds, the colors complex tones can appear as and all in all, the joy of making and hearing music.

as simple human being i hope for peace and i <3 the innocence of rhythm and tone sequence.

cm;dr! the controller manager done right

about an open source project that will change the way you edit your Traktor mappings

in a dj cooperative with TakTraum i play around with hands full of midi controllers and we tweak our midi mappings quite often to adjust them to our envisioned dj workflow. but have you tried the internal controller manager of Traktor? right, there´s room for improvement.

we collaborate on the cmdr, our mapping editor for windows released on codeplex. cmdr allows to cut and paste pieces of a mapping file, thus enabling us to split and merge mappings and bugfix them way easier than inside Traktor. Follow us on @cmdoneright for updates and stuff.

with most of the pain taken out of the mapping, i recently started exploring the remix decks again. be prepared for some awesome.

shut up and listen to the good music

about unlearning and removing categories and about amazement and dance

for several years i'm producing strange functional club tracks to have ideas and concepts converted to quantized aural data. if you would like to check out examples of these concepts hit the play button and be prepared for unmasked techno beats.

coming from a more narrow mindset regarding music genres where i applied the very digital true/false manner of aspects when talking about music, i came to the conclusion that context information of music has no gain but the potential to cripple the kicks music can make. so from child that just loves the tunes it hears i went to the cognitive analytic and critic, and now i focus again on the heart of the ears.

in fact, i'm feeling happy right now, because the sound is so good. all that being said, i just explore special areas of music, like techno, drum&bass and abstract with most sub-genres and borders. see? still lots of unlearning to do.

healing through music \ the world is sound

healing through music

do you believe in waves and the effect of frequency on the human body?

i do, and not only do i believe in it, i´m interested in science touching that subject. hope you are sound.

and try sound massage, either by singing bowl at home or by subwoofer in a club.


playing the drums and percussion in the youth, i´m attracted to rhythm since then, preferrably electronic sounds. that's why i started producing music back then in mid nineites with a mod tracker, evolving to an advanced midi setup merging synthesizer and computer. nowadays i´m still producing music but it is far from professional and more like therapeutic self-assessment.

most fun i have playing live as dj, recently digital. but i still have fun playing the good old 10" and 12" every now and then. sure the reputation of vinyl based mixing is way better. however, i really like the opportunities a digital dj setup brings to the finger tips - besides the fx and the weight of my record case.


come and say hi at the next party:

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AcBd @ discord